A global stage at Jazz Festival

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THE PANAMA JAZZ Festival (PJF)  has broadened its appeal this year with the introduction of The Global Stage a set of concerts presented by   musicians who do not necessarily have Jazz in their repertoire, but are within the scope of what one writer describes as "the freest genre in the world."

The Global Stage events take place early evening in the auditorium of the Convention Center in the City of Knowledege .

They start at 4 pm, so with luck you can get their before the afternoon homeward bound traffic jam gets going.

Billy Herron, who  has been part of the PJF Organization  since 2005 is the producer of the  Global stage events which kicked off on Tuesday

[caption id="attachment_67328" align="alignleft" width="300"] Karla Lamboglia[/caption]

The opening was dedicated to the legacy of singer-songwriters, represented by the Colombian Naty Hernández and Panamanian Karla Lamboglia.

"There are  several  elements reminiscent of jazz in my music  despite it  being pop. There's a lot of the form of the songs that in jazz  they call 'standards'. Short songs with melodies on which you can improvise over and over again "says Karla.

On Wednesday the talent of the national artist and music teacher Graciela Núñez,isdisplayed with members of Thelonious Monk Institute, paying tribute to contemporary  rhythms

Upcoming performances
The Panama group  Aphrodisiaco won the  2016 Silver Seagull award for the prize of best song, in  the Viña del Mar International Festival in Chile so it  seemed appropriate to producer  Herron that the group host the Thursday, Jan 11 performance  marking  the centenary of the birth of the Chilean singer-songwriter Violeta Parra in a "Tribute to Chile ”  with guest guitarist Tom Patitucci. It starts at 4 pm.

On Friday, at the same time  it will be the turn of Joshue Ashby and C3, "a group from Colón province  that fuses salsa with jazz, followed by  Cumbia All Stars, of Peru.

There  are daily “Out to lunch” jazz sessions in the City of Knowledge Plaza, and Jazz in the Holiday Inn, each evening from 6-7 pm. Plus featured  performances in the Ateneo at 8 pm (doors open 7.15).

If that’s not enough, join the aficionados at Danilo’s Jazz Club in Casco Viejo from 9-11 pm every night, and fpr the truly dedicated (and hardy), jam sessions starting at 11 pm in Villa Agustina, in Casco Viejo.

The grand  closing event is in the Central quadrangle, starting at 3pm on Saturday, Jan 14, an occasion for jazz lovers and those who enjoy the social scene.

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