Festival back up at Habibis

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Calle Uruguay will be providing a back up role during the Panama Jazz Festival.

Habibis Fusion Café on Uruguay at  48 is celebrating the festival with four nights of special entertainment featuring “The Eddy Doran Band” and    Chigago guests saxman Dez Desmoreaux and guitarist Bill Demitropoulos.
They are playing Wednesday through Saturday night, January 13-16 at the outdoor terrace café/bar from 9 p.m. to midnight.
Habibis began promoting live music nights on Wednesdays in December. Recognizing there are thousands of locals and tourists roaming the city for the best Jazz during the festival, Habibi’s managing partner, Nabih Hamie, decided Calle Uruguay should have a place that offers jazz and blues flavor. 

“We have an upscale and sophisticated core clientele at Habibis” explained Mr. Hamie, “and they have responded positively to the international music of the “Eddy Doran Band” these past weeks. We want to keep the momentum going””.
“The Eddy Doran Band” came together in 2009 when this trio of talented international musicians started playing together at the Intercontinental Mirarmar Hotel. Eddy Doran on piano and vocals spent many years performing in Chicago while Volker Hofschildt is a widely experienced studio and live drummer from Germany transplanted to Panama. Evert “Feeling” Cornavaca is a Costa Rican who has played in Panama and the region with almost every well known band or artist in residence. Their their music style is described as “international jazz/blues/contemporary”.
To add significant dimension to their sound, “The Eddy Doran Band” has invited special guests from Chicago to perform with them during Jazz Week. Dez Desmoreaux is an American with French roots who has played with many Latin artists. He has worked the past 12 years with the Chicago based group “Mambo Zombies”, featuring Luis Prieto Rosario and Jose Valdes. He has also performed with Celia Cruz, Charlie Palmieri, Menique, La Lupe, Nestor Sanchez, the O’Jays, Clarence Clemons, the Dells, the Chi Lites, Jr. Wells, Otis Clay, Bo Diddley, Kid Ramos, Ronnie Earl, Nick Moss, and many others.
Bill Demitropoulos has played with the best Greek bands on Bouzouki and vocals as the front man for the “Aristons”, and since 1988 with the “Helenic Five” performing in the USA and Greece.

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