AUDITIONS for Christmas play

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By Lourdes Quijada

PANAMA’S renowned Theatre Guild of Ancon is  looking for actors to give the shop 'till you drop fraternity a break from the pre-Christmas slog  with  a seasonal show with the timely title “Christmas Stopping”

The plot is based on "what could be better for Christmas than doing away with it?"

Stopping Christmas is just what Grant, a middle aged psychiatrist, sets out to do.

[caption id="attachment_63810" align="alignleft" width="300"]bells Goodbye to all those bells[/caption]

No overspending, no gifts, no trying to maintain the myth of Santa for your twenty-eight year old daughter, no Christmas Blues – and all those Christmas bells.

But his family thinks he’s an old Scrooge, and when elves and Santa’s from the mall start hurling protests through his window his wife packs her bags.

Grant is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas future that tells him horror stories of endless productions of a Christmas Carol and even throws in a rap about Santa that really shakes Grant to his core.

Should he go back to Christmas or hold onto his crusade?

No Christmas = no family Is it really a good idea, this Christmas Stopping?

Auditions will be held at the Guild Theatre next to the DIJ  Sunday September 11 (3-6 pm), Monday September 12(6 -9 pm).

Directors Keitha Kushner and Ingrid McCarthy  are looking for.

 “Grant” 45-68 Psychiatrist with a Plan

Alice” 35-50 Speech therapist in touch with her mother- earth side

“Baxter”  late teens-early 20’s Community College Student – Lady charmer

“Meredith” late 20’s – Good girl with nothing but fashion sense

Show dates are November 17 to 19, 24 to 26,  December 1-3

The producers are  Gale Cellucci & Ramona Rhoades




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