Panama musician Canada bound

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By Margot Thomas

PANAMANIAN  singer, accordionist “Escorpión de Paritilla”  (Osvaldo Ayala) is preparing for a  Canadian tour in July, including performances in Toronto and Montreal.

Recent surgery will mean that he will  be  accompanied by  accordionist Oliver Núñez, but , with anticipated audiences of over 3000 , he  will still  be able to give voice to the Panamanian music that brought him fame in his own country.

The former economist has devoted 47 years to his musical performing and recording career.

After a cold spring, the Toronto weather has heated up and temperatures are  currently  Panama style mid thirties Celsius, with the possibility of a July heatwave


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Wow. I knownseveral Panamanians, my wife included, thay had no problem getting a Canadian visa. I do agree with you on the freezing shithole part though, inasmuch as it is too fucking cold to function most of the year.

2 years ago

how did he get a visa? Canada is racist against Panamanians and always rejects visa requests from Panamanians. Boycott Canada. A freezing shithole.

2 years ago
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