Martinelli eyeing Vice-President niche

Martinelli - Jail or high office?

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In his current home in El Renacer  prison, Panama  ex-president Ricardo Martinelli who for five years ruled over  one of the most corrupt administrations in the history  of the  country  continues to dream of a return to the corridors of power which lead to the treasure chests of the nation which, during his  reign were plundered by a gang of thieves who during the 2009 election mocked the preceding administration as those who came with empty pockets  and left as millionaires.

While he is awaiting trial for illegally snooping on opposition politicians, journalists, lawyers, and businessmen. his band of well-heeled lawyers, have collectively banked millions of dollars attempting to get their client clear of a potential 21-year jail term and multiple other corruption hooks hiding in the wings.

After being approved as a candidate for deputy by the CD party he founded to pursue his political ambitions. He set his sights higher and said he would run for Mayor of Panama.

Meanwhile his wife Marta. The former First Lady who unsuccessfully ran for Vice-president in the last election is trolling the internet seeking support for Martinelli to become the VP running mate for  Cambio Democrático (CD), presidential candidate Rómulo Roux, for the  2019 election.

Lawyer Luis Eduardo Camacho, and longtime Martinelli spin doctor, still reveling in the flawed decision of the Supreme Court to send Martinelli’s wiretapping case to a lower court  broadcast this gem:

"Former President Ricardo Martinelli could accompany Rómulo Roux in the campaign as a candidate for vice president. This not only consolidates our party but also brings a proven experience to the proposal that Cambio Democrático has to serve the country again as it did under the Martinelli administration, where there was quality of life for the people, growth and economic development, there was employment and citizen security, things that are absent today and the people suffer.”

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Comments 3


The King is back!!! The best man for the, jobs, money on the street....enough of the ghost town that now exist....everybody on board that beautiful corruption train baby!!! There is a Panama

6 months ago

This is probably crazy thinking, but what if all this was a frame up? The economy WAS better under Martinelli, the schools DID get more support. I’m not advocating innocence or guilt, but sometimes I wonder.... Ah well, I can’t vote anyway, just hold on for the ride.

6 months ago
Richard Charron

This gets more hysterical on a daily basis.

6 months ago
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