Closing date for Carols by Candlelight ticket delivery

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By Margot Thomas

THERE  are only a few days left to get guaranteed home or office delivery of reservation for the  7th annual celebration of Carols by Candlelight on the Cinta Costera on  Dec 2.

The “tickets”  are numbered souvenir candles which the audience wave as they join in the chorus of seasonal favorites. Presenting a spectacular scene. Reserved seats are $25   and $20, but if you want to sit on the perimeter of the amphitheatre at Mira Del Pacifico near the Cinta Costera flower clock the concert is FREE.

You can get souvenir candles,  which can  be used in your Christmas decorations, at $10 and $5. Donations are tax-deductible and proceeds from the event organized by the CanadaPLUS Foundation, go towards equipment  for the Hospital del Nino

 The performers
There are five choirs and an operatic soloist.

The choirs are Colegio de Panama,  directed by Meryelis Florez;  Fortis in Fides. directed by  Melquiades Lopez: King’s College, directed by Vanessa Whay, Panagaita directed by Carlos Canelones P; and Vientos de Esperanza  directed by  Roberto Rampolla. Opera Panama rising star soprano Susan Samudio, just back from a European tour, is the soloist.

All seat reservations  and candle orders of $20 or more received by  Saturday, Nov, 25, will be delivered along with a bi-lingual songbook to your home or office in Panama City.

For more information. reservations or candles, 6619- 6890,  email

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