Panama's high flying transparency boss

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Angélica Maytín, director of the National Authority for Transparency and Access to Information (ANTAI) is the government official who has traveled the most in recent administrations.

Maytín, former member of Transparency International (TI) and a staunch critic of past government corruption, has accumulated 129 full days after 20 visits abroad as a government official reports Panama America which says : “The Antai of Angélica Maytín, has turned into a travel agency”

Since taking office, in November 2014, until June this year, Maytín has represented an expense to  Panamanians of $152,000  thousand dollars, which were used in tickets and per diem for her travel jaunts

China, Russia, the United States, Austria and France are just some of the official destinations of the civil servant, who has a long history of participating in civilian anti-corruption and accountability organizations.

Posts on social networks are questioning the benefits that the trips have brought to the country.

Maytín is part of a group of activists and members of civil society who were appointed by this government and have assumed an almost compliant role with the current administration says Panama America.

"The only bad trips are those made by Angelica Maytín", said the Antai director when questioned  on TVN about the trips she has made so far in 2016.  She  admitted, to  six trips and on some has even had to travel economy class.

She said  that her travels are approved by the Presidency and for this documents must be submitted, including the invitation, and  she  must produce reports

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it would be interesting to hear the accomplishments of the National Authority for Transparency and Access to Information. none are mentioned here, i've never heard of any from other sources, nor have i heard anyone mention they've been helped by this agency. what has it done?

2 years ago

Yeah, but Panama has been using most of their anti-corruption tactics already. (more sarc)

2 years ago
Richard Charron

LOL In your sarcasm you inadvertently left out the U.S. Lately that has been a gold mine of "anti-corruption."

2 years ago

China, Russia? Lots to learn there about transparency and anti-corruption practices.

2 years ago
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