Prosecutor rejects Martinelli slander ploy


The Public Prosecutor’s Office has rejected a $2 million slander complaint filed by former President Ricardo Martinelli against two opinion leaders.

Martinelli who while in office, ( 2009-2014) was never slow to publicly and privately defame opponents or media, is currently detained in EL Renacer prison while facing charges of illegal wiretapping and embezzlement.

One of the defendants, the director  of the Independent Movement (Movin) Anette Planells, told Efe News agency on Friday   today that both she and Mariela Ledezma were notified by the Public Ministry that the complaint “was rejected both in form and substance.”

The complaint, filed by two defense lawyers of the former Panamanian president, including Alma Cortés, did not comply with the requirements in a manner “established by law and” none of the arguments they used found support in the legislation, “according to the Prosecutor

“We hope that this is the end of this lawsuit,” said Planells, but warned that the lawsuit is part of the alleged strategy of the former president  “judicialize public opinion”, so she does not rule out that he  “will approach a court” to try again.

Martinelli seems to have a bottomless pocket for funding moves designed to keep his lawyers and the courts occupied,