OFF THE CUFF - Outdated sex rules facing axe

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SEXISM IN THE CITY – If the National Police were following the law relating ro bars and discos, most of the operations  would be out of business. but  a 42-year-old law  covering women in,bars, discos hotels and other nightspots is to be wiped off the books by Mayor Jose Isabel Blandon.

Decree No. 49 of February 1972, was signed by then Mayor Ernesto de Diego, when Omar Torrijos Herrera was the most powerful man in Panama. The decree was headed “Measures related to public decency and the presence of women in bars, guesthouses, hotels, brothels and other entertainment centers”
The sixth article read "To forbid the entry and stay of any woman in bars, nightclubs, cabaret, nightclub, etc. unless properly accompanied by an older male, who takes responsibility for her, or if she possesses a license “
The first article said that for women to be alone they were required to have a license from the Mayor of Panama..
"It's main aim … is to give a new face to the country, not only in material terms but also in the moral aspect," the decree said.
Current Deputy Mayor Raisa Banfield was surprised about the rule still being on the books.
"It's, sexist and outdated. Surely there has been some awareness that it there and no one has said or done anything," she said. Hours later, after she drew Blandon’s attention the anomaly he promised to repeal the legislation.
Banfield. Am environmental activist, added "We are working on agreements to reduce visual, noise and garbage pollution”.
Could we be seeing an end to the clutter of advertising messages, bars in residential areas sharing their patio music with the neighborhood, and garbage littered thoroughfares? Hold on to your hat

EXPANSION UPDATE. The third set of locks for the Panama Canal expansion project on the Pacific side of the is about 70% complete overall progress. Says the manager of the Pacific locks of Panama Canal Authority (ACP), Gustavo Rivas.
Rivas said that they have already poured 2.1 million cubic meters of concrete a total of 2.4 million cubic meters.
The official said that among the challenges faced in the construction of this lock is that the Pacific side has the most seismic incidence, so they have to build three dams. To achieve this, the ACP has more than 50 engineers monitoring the work. "We are confident that we will give the country a work lasting more than 100 years," he said.
The lock, with a length of 1.5 kilometers and 58 meters wide, should be completed in late 2015, according to the agreement signed between the ACP and Grupo Unidos por el Canal, the consortium in charge of the work.
Meanwhile some 40 members and friends of the PanamaPLUS Club will be heading to the construction site at the Atlantic end on Saturday, August 18, to view progress and see the giant gates recently moved from their parking location.

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