OFF THE CUFF: Guideline for Panama rail future?

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WHEN a Japanese railway company, renowned for its punctuality apologized on social media for having left a station 20  seconds early, transport users across the world were quick to react, comparing the company’s record to their own services.

There were even Tweets from Germany with a reputation (perhaps undeserved) for trains running on time.

Panama public transit users used to long waits for no-show Metro buses were not seen among the thousands of messages.

The Japanese train is famed for always arriving at the exact time. It travels from Akihabara, in the east of

Tokyo, to Tsukuba, 58 km away, in about 45 minutes and there are eight stops on the way. Panama is looking to China to construct a railway to David, Chiriqui, and beyond.

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This would make Panama a latin-american leader in transportation. Probably won’t see it in my lifetime but what a huge advancement.

3 years ago

A train from Panama City to David would be a wonderful improvement if the Panamanian government doesn't find a way to screw it up. It would need to be safe and inexpensive with speed being a real improvement over the other forms of transportation between Panama City and David. Shipping merchandise between the two cities would be a benefit also.

3 years ago
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