Martinelli arrival time under wraps

Sidney Sitton

550Views 0Comments Posted 09/06/2018

No triumphal Omar Torrijos style march, instead the place and time of the arrival of former president  Ricardo Martinelli to face trial is being kept under wraps to avoid a media scrum and public demonstrations according to defense lawyer Sidney Sitton.

On Friday Sittón filed an appeal to the Plenary of the Supreme Court for "Restrictive measures of ambulatory freedom".

Sitton also reported that they were informed by  “Washington” thatPanama’s most wanted man would probably arrive on Monday, June  11 in a charter, jet, while President Varela begins his World Cup jaunt to Russia.

Martinelli who has his own private jet would have preferred a commercial flight, something he has not done for many years.

We do not know the time and the airport where he would land.

"The Government told the State Department that it did not want a  media show upon Martinelli's arrival in Panama. So the safest thing is that the arrival is in the early hours of the morning when the whole country is asleep and you do not have people in the airports of Panama, "added Sittón.

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