China Embassy location upsets honeymoon

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President  Juan Carlos Varela, says that the establishments of diplomatic relations with China has been one of the most important decisions in the history of Panamanian foreign policy and The Executive will officially communicate the site assigned for the construction of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China, after having evaluated the available options.

 But the possible construction on the Amador Causeway has generated controversy in the early days of the Panama-China love in, while the dowry in the shape of a Free Trade  Agreement is still under discussion and relatives like the US  State Department are feeling neglected.

Fermín Chan, president of the Chinese-Panamanian Cultural Center, said today that he does not agree that the construction of the embassy is on the shore of the Panama Canal because this place is a symbol of the country's sovereignty.

Panama mayor and would be president  José Isabel Blandón wrote on his Twitter account that in, there is no approved land that allows the construction of an embassy.

"If something like this is considered, this must first be considered by the Municipal Planning Board, who must call a public consultation," he said.

OB Friday, September 7, the United States Department of State called its diplomats in Panama, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic for consultations on current relations with China.

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Yes as the US is over protecting their terrorists in Syria the rest of the world is moving forward. The US should be worried about the Chinese silk road .as it is starting in Panama with the railroad line they are going to build here

9 months ago
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