OFF THE CUFF: Monorail connection from Metro to airport?

413Views 0Comments Posted 16/05/2015

METRO DIRECTOR Roberto Roy while still basking in the announcement of the Odebrecht victory in the bidding for line 2 of the system announced  on Friday, May 15, a “maybe” add-on to the project

 He said that the connection with the air terminal will be done from the Metro station located at the Technological University of Panama.
Roy said that there will either be a monorail or bus service between the airport and the station. The Metro will not connect directly due to the high cost, but he made no mention of the cost of a monorail and whether there is a budget. so the project remains up in the air or just a Disneland dream
The Brazilian company Odebrecht and the Spanish company FCC have four years to build line 2 in time for an official opening, mirroring The Martinelli grand parade before several stations were finished. Four years will give the public time to forget mention of a monorail.

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