Work starts on Metro airport connection

airport access coming

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Work on the extension of line 2 of the Panama Metro, which will take it  to  Tocumen International airport, began on Wednesday, October 2. with the construction of the piles for the overhead tracks.


Agustín Arias, director of projects of Metro, said the viaduct must be built in 12 months is cemented and will work in parallel in building two stations that will be simpler, but wider than the others in Line 2.

The work has an approximate cost of $88 million and the deadline for delivery is 28 months.

“We are anticipating, that one in three of Line 2 trains would go to the airport. They would leave the south corridor station, take the branch, stop at the Higher Technical Institute of Education ITSE station and continue to the airport. When they return and they would join the circulation within line 2, ”said Arias.

He added that the airport station will be about 60 meters from the north terminal.

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