Unity the first challenge for new government

IINCOMING president Laurentino Cortizo

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The first challenge facing the new government will be for Panamanians to feel that it is managed for everyone, regardless of who they voted for  favored in the last general elections says Panama’s Chamber of Commerce in its weekly newsletter on the eve of the presidential inauguration

“Unity and the spirit of collective work to achieve shared goals should be the signs that guide us during the next five years"   says the Chamber

Justice and transparency
"The separation of powers as a punctual definition of institutionality; a complete independence of justice; the probity of the officials, the transparency and the rendering of accounts on the part of the authorities, as well as the honesty in the handling of the public and private subjects must be reinstated elements in the daily task of the life of the country to recover a confidence that inspires us all to perform with a sense of belonging and pride of nation, " it said.  

The political forces of the country, of the government and the opposition have to frame their corresponding agendas that, instead of hindering, favor the execution of the identified plans to reactivate the economy, as well as to promote the transcendental changes that, education, health, social security and institutionality, have been waiting for decades for efficient and effective responses says the group.  

“It is time to establish sustainable State policies in time that transcend administrations and give us an always hopeful north to the children of Panama and those who live with us … These are not utopian or unrealizable aspirations”  the CCIAP said.