Uber reactivates cash payments,plans David expansion

872Views 0Comments Posted 06/02/2020

Uber customers in Panama will no longer  need a credit card  as  the company  reactivated cash

Collection following a Supreme Court ruling that declared the prohibition of payment in cash for the service provided by this and other transport platforms “illegal”.

Uber’s regional general manager, Gabriel Gutiérrez, said this is not only good news for users, but also for drivers who saw their earnings affected. He added."The driver-members will have the right to choose whether they want to make the trips in cash or not.

He also announced that based on the court ruling that geographical restrictions illegal they will start their extension plan, in  David, Chiriquí.

As of today, the process of affiliation of partner-drivers will be activated in David  said Gutiérrez and when the appropriate moment is estimated, the date to start operations and the expansion plan will be announced

Currently, this platform only provides the service in the provinces of Panama; West Panama, and Colon.

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