Uber and Cabify  win court battle to accept cash payment

1,021Views 0Comments Posted 03/01/2020

Uber and Cabify users will be able to pay cash after Panama’s Supreme Court (CSJ) declared void, the prohibition of payment in cash f for transport services offered through online technologies.

The decision of the CSJ, dated December 26, , recognizes the right of consumers have to receive quality services and the freedom of choice they have to choose them.

The ruling states that “the user of this transport service, transformed into a consumer, in his relationship with the supplier, is free to choose, and that the activity is provided with equal status and access, which translates into public services must be the same for all individuals . ”.

It also says that “it is unfair for those people who, do not have access to a credit card or are in a certain geographical area, cannot use a passenger land transport service offered through technology, when everyone as user of a service or consumer has the right to request and receive a transport service quickly and safely ”.

In addition, the court declares void, , the rule that prohibits the provision of the service outside the provinces of Coclé, Colón, Panama and Panama Oeste.

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