Swearing-in of fugitives reveals Parlacen purpose

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The Guatemala representative of  Transparency International, Manfredo Marroquín, said on Friday, July 24 that the proposed swearing-in as alternate deputies of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen) of brothers Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, detained at the request of the United States for their extradition to face money laundering charges lacks common sense.

In an interview with La Prensa, Marroquín,, alleged that "what is being forged to swear in the Martinelli is a  phony ploy  , because to be immunity holders, they had to have been in office before requesting extradition.

"We now see what Parlacen is for: to create legal subterfuges in favor of impunity and corruption in the region," said Marroquín. (ex-Panama president Ricardo Martinelli in a campaign speech labeled Parlacen “a den of thieves”  and promised to withdraw Panama from the regional body).

In the opinion of  Marroquín, this legal trick will not be valid before a jury, since obviously immunity is being sought by questionable means.

In addition, the swearing-in would have to be done virtually and for this, a judicial authorization would be needed to allow them access to a computer to hold a meeting with the Panamanian bench in Parlacen and brothers are in prison at the Mariscal Zavala military prisons in Guatemala.

The virtual oath would be practically the only alternative that the brothers would have to achieve their objective.

Carmen Ibarra, from the Pro Justice Movement of Guatemala, considered that an oath before Parlacen at this time would constitute a clear attempt to evade justice.

On  RPC Radio, she stressed that legal tricks can lead to this extradition process being delayed for months and could even end in the inter-American justice system.

The El Salvador bench in Parlacen expressed its opposition to the swearing-in of the Martinelli Linares brothers, particularly at this time.

Salvadoran deputy Irma Amaya reported that, during a meeting held on Friday, a consensus was reached regarding opposing the swearing-in of both in prison. She explained that a decision like this, just at a time when they are linked to a judicial process in the United States, would send a bad message.

This week the Parlacen board of directors, c issued instructions to the Panamanian bench to proceed with the swearing-in of the brothers.

In a note sent to Gilberto Succari and Cirilo Salas, vice president and secretary of the Parlacen board of directors, they were informed that they must comply with a procedure based on regulations of the body: “ As exceptional cases, the swearing-in of the alternate deputies may be carried out by the members of the board of directors of the respective State, in a session of the national bench, and the corresponding administrative act must be drawn up, which must be sent immediately to the president of the Parlacen”.

The brothers have been held in Guatemala since July 6, after the US Department of Justice requested their extradition, due to a criminal complaint by the FBI for money laundering linked to Odebrecht.

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I thought Chicago was the Mecca for corruption until I moved to Panama and learned that even the lowest of govt employees tries to gain favor through their office. Don't try to fight corruption here or try and change a thing just learn how to best use it to serve your needs or how to avoid it if it doesn't.

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