"Surreal” Panama Geisha coffee tops $2,500 a pound

José Gallardo

1,399Views 5Comments Posted 22/09/2021

BOQUETE, Chiriquí -  Geisha coffee from the heart of the Amistad International Park sold for $2,568 a pound in the international auction of the “Best of Panama”, almost doubling the previous record of $1,300  set last year.

The new  record holder is Nuguo Geisha Fermented coffee , from the Nuguo farm, owned by José Gallardo and located in Jurutungo, Renacimiento district,

Last year at the auction, the highest price paid was $1,300 for a Geisha coffee from Sophia Farm in the Highlands.

Gallardo, called the price"surreal".

In the recent tasting international judges, Nuguo Fermented coffee reached a score of 94.75 on a base of 100 points and they described it as a “coffee with fun flavors, where the sweetness of the cherry is mixed with the acidity of tropical fruits.

The Avalanche of Flavors exhibition by the Sittón family, in the washed geisha category, reached a price of $1,502 a pound.


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Oh ya

WOW must be great coffee but way above my pay grade.

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