Spanish court rules Martinelli probe continues

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The National Court of Spain admitted on Tuesday Aril 6     an appeal presented by the International  Foundation (Fibgar) in the corruption process of the Spanish construction company Baltazar Garzón  FCC, for works carried out in Panama  for which former president Ricardo Martinelli is under investigation

The Appeals Chamber declared that the criminal case for the alleged commission of the crimes of corruption and money laundering in Spain should be continued and that  Martinelli remains under investigation.

The decision was unanimous, under the presentation of magistrate José Ricardo de Prada Solaesa.

Fibgar requested to be part of the process being carried out in Spain for the alleged payment of bribes from FCC in Panama. For this case, there are 14 people investigated, including Panama

lawyer Mauricio Cort, considered a frontman.

In Panama, FCC faces several legal proceedings related to the alleged payment of bribes to former officials of the Ricardo Martinelli administration for the construction of infrastructure works, including phase II of the Vía Brasil corridor, the improvement of the Vía Cincuentenario and the construction of the city of Health, among others.

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George Klk

Panama: United States and Spain (motherland) Bring Measure of True Effective Laws. Panama [Clique - Pact] of Martinelli Court system of lawyers could only stand for so long. Now, Spain has knocked over the Martinelli house of cards with a powerful punch. Martinelli's sons are detained and ready for extradition to the United States. Will Martinelli claim more poor health due to possible cancer with his lawyers...I don't think so! Will Martinelli return in great...VICTORY! I don't think so! Will president Cortizo pretend he knows nothing...I don't think so! Will the Panama National Assembly be able to help Martinelli, their leader...A slam dunk, no! Government corruption and the movement for Constitution Reform coming to bear. Martinelli and his...Den of Thieves...front men, henchmen, Odebrecht and... Vice president Carrizo scandal...where do they hide, under their piles of cash? Suit cases of hidden money and that old Pegasus spy equipment. Where does it take you now, Martinelli without your allies? Motherland Spain will not sit idle for a... Loco bandit of state funds! Panama president Cortizo... you're a useless hypocrite. Enjoy your wealth from your derelict of duty services. President Cortizo, where are your sidekicks or is it, Carrizo?

7 months ago
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