Second nominee for Canal board  opts out

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Panama’s ambassador to of Panama in the United States, Emanuel González-Revilla,  became the second of the nominees to the board of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) to decline the appointment made by President Juan Carlos Varela with a "thanks but no thanks" letter after a storm of criticism. 

Like the Vice President and Chancellor  Isabel De Saint Malo de Alvarado earlier in the week, The decision to renounce the appointment was presented through a letter on Tuesday, saying that it was an honor to receive the distinction but  In order to preserve the search for consensus in our country, …  I withdraw my name from the designation, I wish to assign this space so that you can designate a person that generates greater consensus in the National Assembly. "

The designations of Varela for the positions were widely criticized by civil sectors that consider that the designations of Varela for these positions were widely criticized by the sectors that consider that an ACP director is not a position that should by figures close to a president.

González-Revilla was named Ambassador of Panama in the United States. in August 2015

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