Saudi Investments in Panama are Being Explored in Rio de Janeiro

1,534Views 0Comments Posted 21/06/2024

In a strategic move to position Panama on the map of large global investments, Mario Boyd Galindo, personally appointed by President-elect José Raúl Mulino, has played a crucial role in the recent meeting of the Future Investment Initiative Institute (FII), in Rio de Janeiro. His personal and dedicated management has opened new opportunities for the country on the international financial scene.  The event, which brought together some of the most influential players in the field of investments, was attended by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia as a founding partner and the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA) as a visionary partner.  In addition, corporate and financial giants such as Aramco, Emaar, HSBC, PepsiCo, Red Sea Global, Riyad Bank, SNB and Sanabil Investments participated.


The PIF of Saudi Arabia, a colossus in the world of investments with assets that reach 925 billion dollars, occupies the fifth position in the global ranking of sovereign wealth funds. The meeting in Rio de Janeiro was an ideal platform for Boyd Galindo to explore strategic alliances that could bring significant economic benefits to Panama.  In the course of the talks, Boyd Galindo discussed the possibility of an official invitation from the Saudi government to President-elect Mulino to attend an IFI event in October in Riyadh. This meeting, if materialized, would not only strengthen the ties between Panama and Saudi Arabia, but also position Panama as an attractive destination for future investments.  The efforts made in Rio de Janeiro not only open doors to new investments, but also mark the beginning of a promising era of international collaboration, cementing strategic alliances that have the potential to transform Panama’s financial future.