Restaurants and stores empty as crowd limit rules enforced

Lines at supermarkets while restaurants sit empty

926Views 0Comments Posted 16/03/2020

With many Panama citizens following the advice of  Health Minister Rosario not to leave their homes if it is not absolutely necessary restaurants and non-food stores like Felix Maduro and Collins are feeling the pinch.

Meanwhile, customers at supermarkets faced long lines before entering with waits of  30 minutes or more as security personnel kept count.

It is the responsibility of the businesses to implement the necessary measures to ensure that there are no crowds over 50 people within the establishments said the Ministry (Minsa). in a statement published on Sunday night.

It promised that "sanctions" will be applied to businesses that fail to comply with the described measure.

The measure also applies to restaurants. The 50 people include the care staff. The Minsa recommends that purchases in restaurants be made mainly by home delivery.

The Minsa reported that they verified 220 premises to ensure that they complied with the measure. Of these, 8 did not comply and were closed as a preventive measure.




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