Renting to tourists in Colon merits fines up to $5,000

1,074Views 3Comments Posted 11/08/2019

Homeowners who rent rooms or apartments to tourists in Colon, face fines of $500 - $5000 according to a decree signed by the mayor’s office on Friday, August 9. It will come into effect as soon as the notice appears in the Official Gazette.

The renters are said to be harming the hotel industry. and depriving the city of tax income. No one will be allowed to rent to visitors without the permission of the Tourism Authority and City Hall.

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What hotels are in Colón besides the Radisson, which is for cruise ships? Seriously, these "hotels" look scary like they could collaspe at any time.

6 months ago

The absolutely wrong way. Let the economy flow and avoid protetionism. What stupid decisions !

6 months ago
Virgil E Eaves Jr

If tourists wanted hotels, they would stay in Miami.

6 months ago
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