Pushback against re-opening without  mobility

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While business groups welcome the first steps to reopening the economy, they will be unsustainable if the current mobility rules remain in place, limiting shopping to a two-hour period based on sex and ID card number. Meaning that a couple could not go out together to a car dealership to buy a stove or refrigerator

The president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture, Jean-Pierre Leignadier, said that "in the coming days we have to make adjustments, talking with the authorities about some measures that negatively impact the ability to do business in a sustained manner, when there are some people that cannot go out some days and others yes ”.

The president of the Panamanian Association of Shopping Centers, Nadkyi Duque, said that the sale through digital channels and withdrawal in the store is a positive step but will not generate enough volume, although she valued it as a way to demonstrate that the activity is safe. Beauty salons. barbers, car showrooms and service centers will re-open ana NGOs will return to work  Some 84 government and private construction projects works will restart.

In addition, the Ministry of Education received the go-ahead to start with 9 of 58 projects for improvements in schools.


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WHAT PROBLEM does not allowing couples to be out at the same time fix? If one goes out while the other one stays home, and one gets the virus, where do you think they both are living and sleeping. opening a few things up sounds great but they need people able to come in and buy items, without it they are open, with all the overhead as before but without funds. end your lock down and release the people allow this virus to do its thing and lets get back to living again, instead of hiding and being in fear of death, because we all are already dead if we keep doing this. highest number of cases while we all are locked up at home,, should tell SOMEONE, IT'S NOT WORKING.

1 month ago

A totally insane policy of not allowing couples to go out together. If one member of the couple does not drive, he/she is basically housebound unless a same-gender friend takes pity on a 5-month lockdown.

1 month ago
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