Public transit remains paralyzed in Colón

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The paralysis of the nine bus routes in Colón was still maintained on Saturday, May 6, the 6th day of the strike

 Only the Unión de Transportes Colón Panamá, SA (Utracolpa) is providing the service, as well as some taxis that circulate through the streets and communities of the province.

This weekend, as part of the protest actions, a call has been made to the population so that, at 6:00 pm this Saturday, they play bang pots and saucepans, wherever they are.

This will express the "dissatisfaction" of the people of Colon at the lack of answers to the problem of the high cost of living and the rise in fuel, said Edgardo Voitier, one of the leaders of Cuco, a coalition of civic organizations and unions.

He said that Sunday there will be a citizen concentration in the park on 11th Street, Central Avenue, in front of the Public Market.

Voitier also announced that on Monday, May 16, the actions will continue. The measures they will take will be announced tomorrow at a press conference.