Public defender in laundering trial in case of no-show lawyers

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The preliminary hearing of 18 people accused of money laundering through the liquidated Financial Pacific (FP) brokerage scheduled for Monday, September 13, was suspended by the Third Court for Criminal Proceedings, Due to the fact that several legal resources are pending resolution.

Sources from the Judicial Branch confirmed that the hearing will be held on an alternate date, October 18 and 19. The third liquidator judge Baloisa Marquínez appointed public defenders, in case some of the private lawyers do not appear before the court.

The Public Ministry requested the summons to trial for former directors of FP: West Valdés and Iván Clare, as well as for Joel Antonio Watson, Ori Sasson Zbeda Levy, Mariel Rodríguez Espino, Carlos Javier Osorio Wald and Ramsés Owen, Riccardo Francolini, Aaron and  others from  ex-president Martinelli’s inner circle

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