President mulls “prudent” re-opening in San Miguelito

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With coronavirus retransmission rates falling in  San Miguelito President, Laurentino Cortizo  on Wednesday, August 5 dangled the prospect of  opening some economic activities in the district starting next week, in a "prudent" manner.

According to the president, "the Rt  (retransmission rate ) in San Miguelito has been falling", so the same formula could be applied as in other provinces where no increase in coronavirus cases has been reported. such as Los Santos and Herrera.

"There are a series of alternatives for next week that are being evaluated, with the health team, with the government team, the private sector, to go step by step to  opening," said Cortizo

Obviously, he said, they will take into account hospital capacity. But he added that with the opening of the Figali convention center this weekend, some hospitals, such as the Modular in Albrook and the Hospital Complex of the Social Security Fund, will be "relieved".

The Government is working on adapting the Figali to place at least 160 beds for coronavirus patients.

"This allows us, by opening a couple of activities, and if some positives are fired in some areas, we have the capacity in hospitals to be able to attend to them," he said

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Fact check. Dr Fauci does not hold stock in any likely vaccine producing company. Facebook et al have been taking down such posts. Please don’t spread false information at this time.

1 month ago

Unbelievable stupid this so called President. Step by step killing people and economy. The jail waits for you just look at Martinelli ( but you are much more stupid). The next 20 years Panama is a Zombie. A Cortizo Zombie.

1 month ago
Oh ya

Mr President allow the use of HQC if the Dr and infected person agree. The sick should be able to ask for the medication that could save THEIR life and with all the news coming out that says with very early treatment the results are near 100 %. Just remember that Dr F holds stocks in the company making the vaccine

1 month ago

Sarcasm mode "ON" Good plan, moving forward, can't wait to see what will be starting up. Sarcasm mode "OFF"

1 month ago
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