Panama spearheads  new vision for digital entrepreneurs

MS Satoshi, a floating entreprenurial development center

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A new business concept of a floating luxury business operating center developed by an American entrepreneur will be launched in Panama in December.  

The arrival of the MS Satoshi, a 12-story, the 245-meter-long residential cruise ship will position  the country as a pioneer in adopting leasing for "digital nomads."

 The vessel owned by the Ocean Builder company will anchor in the Gulf of Panama and has the capacity to accommodate 2,020 residents, says the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP).

The luxury ship will leave next from the Port of Piraeus in Athens, Greece  on November 4 bound for Panama and where it will remain anchored 22 kilometers from the coast.

Leases will be offered from November 5 to be occupied at the beginning of 2021, following the biosecurity measures for covid-19. The apartments are aimed at entrepreneurs of new technologies, influencers, and managers of cryptocurrencies; who carry out their functions over the internet and remotely.

The  ATP) said that communication with the mainland will be through a system of ferries, with an estimated  30 minutes travel time between the anchored vessel and the city.

."This innovative project helps to position Panama internationally and therefore to strengthen the competitiveness of the destination", said, ATP administrator  Iván Eskildsen

The ship has 777 rooms and suites, lounge rooms, swimming pools, recreation centers; as well as areas for offices, research, and temporary rentals for vacation. The director of operations of Ocean Builder, the American Chad Elwartowski and also a recognized investor in the field of bitcoins said: "We hope to create a center for innovation here in Panama, our goal is to discover how to live in a sustainable way at sea." "We hope to create a center for innovation here in Panama, our goal is to discover how to live in a sustainable way at sea",

In addition to the cruise ship, Ocean Builder is building in Linton Bay, on the coast of Portobelo, in Colón, the Sea Pod floating housing complex that will highlight the marine wealth of the isthmus of within the framework of the Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism 2020-2025 says the ATP.


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Am I right or am I right. You are understanding very well CAPTAIN & MHOGAN. But here some more food for more profound thinking: who wants to get wet in a long boat ride. All that is needed, is an Helipad, no? Neat set-up to avoid prosecution. And you know what, this wasn't dreamed off by Government leaders, but by Business peoples. Wo's trying to do a so-called Global Reset ? am not very fond of Politicians, but willing to give credit where credit is due.

10 months ago

Not a sailor but the Territorial Waters is a shrewd move.

10 months ago

Most likely to remain in international waters and avoid any fees or taxes by Panama authorities. Actual international waters extend 12 nautical miles but that means 12 miles from any Panamanian islands. This could result in 22miles from Panama mainland which is presumably the preferred drop off point for launches. Long boat trip though !

10 months ago

HUM!!! I wonder if anybody understand why they will anchor 22 kms from land. They should investigate that specific distance. That is the International Territorial distance. Still wondering why? Any good sailor worth his salt, knows and understand the ramifications for such anchoring.

10 months ago
Oh ya

When I first moved here if someone had offered me a free island if I would live on it I would have been on that like white on rice. Today you could not give me a island to live on. On the boat to go shopping, on the boat to go to a restaurant, on the boat for a night out with friends. On the boat when it's rain or rough seas. Oh ya sounds like fun

10 months ago

This is very innovative and happy to hear Panama is supporting such inovation.

10 months ago
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