Panama gets “must do” list to consolidate development

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The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has presented Panama's Finance Ministry   with  a “must do” action list to consolidate the country's development.

A report  presented to the technical team of Investment Programming and Public Policies of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) says  that the country must optimize competitiveness, diversify the economy, strengthen the education system and the skills of the workforce, improve institutional quality and achieve a balanced territorial development if it wants to remain a high-income country.

 “The analysis carried out by the IDB serves as the basis for designing the route that will allow the

country to sustain the dynamism of its economy, achieve greater modernization of the productive

apparatus and incorporate citizens and territories that have lagged behind,” said the MEF.

Based on the challenges identified in the study, MEF technicians will be able to propose policy measures in sectors such as work, welfare, water and sanitation, competitiveness, education, logistics and transport, tourism, energy, science and technology, health and administration of justice.

“For the IDB, Panama has important assets such as the logistics conglomerate, financial strength and macroeconomic stability that gives investors confidence, as well as security, strategic connectivity and the cosmopolitan aspect that Panama City has acquired,  ”said the MEF.

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George Klk

Panama | The Development Program is Very Weak! Panama is a commercial waterway for the maritime global industry. Panama will be targeted...targeted with (emphasis) for it weak security! Panama should at all cost invest heavily in training for international security. Panama is a small isthmus of the uneducated a well know fact. Panama takes ALL kinds of bribes from the police giving speeding tickets to... the banks handing over money to the...boss...(R. Martinelli). Panama happens to have a very short memory when it comes to $$$. Panama culture will always take advantage of any growth due to [permissive crimes]! Panama will ALLOW China to buy up ALL essentially good growing businesses that it can. Panama investment security such as... 1. Screen background checks of corrupt politicians. 2. Screen background checks of corrupt businesses such as Brazil's Odebrecht. 3. General Comptroller department with expert teams highly trained with espionage to investigate high levels of corruption. 4. A highly train team to investigate police bribery for speeding tickets. 5. Highway speed signs are obviously not working for purposes of trapping motorists. 6. Business investors need to be informed of various corruption practices. 7. Farmers need to be assured there will always be an expert ready to help sell their produce and live stock. 8. When All security is in place, investment can be assured for non corrupt future business plans. 9. Any politicians that talks about money is about money. 10. Any politicians that talks about good security plans as an investment paves the way for the security and growth of a nation. Panama, just look at your history and your current cases that were dismissed! Now there is this one man who is in charge of Panama security...(one man)... The (one man) was asked a bunch of what...general questions? What? Panama does have a Credential Committee, but apparently many slip through the cracks! Panama does have the United States...far off into the ocean...out of the way! Panama does have China and...hey look at what they are doing to Hong Kong! Beating the hell out of them...Panama? No! Panama is easy money. Panama...China has plans and you have no idea and Russia is nearby...Cuba!, I know that Panama is taking care of everything. I'm supposed to say...I will retire in Panama...I feel safe! The world may not say anything, Panama, but that does not mean they will forget! Let's have all these businesses for Panama to compete and along comes the National Assembly with their Grey List reputation...oh, forgot about that! Panama may just lose another $10 billion due to what...corruption. Panama and the...Great Competition. I just love those tax payers meetings going to waste! I think I will retire in just nicely here in the United States.

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