Panama-America consortium plans new Chiriqui port

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Puerto Barú, a $40 million project to improve Panama's connectivity and take advantage of nautical tourism, will be located in the Gulf of Chiriquí.

In addition to passengers, the terminal would allow the mobilization of fertilizers, aggregates, fuels and agro-industrial products, explained Ismael González, project director, during his presentation at CADE 2021, “Reimagining the Western Region”.

The project backed by a Panama-American consortium is in the initial stage, which includes studies to complete the work that represents an investment of more than $ 40 million and that could be up and running in 24 months. During the construction phase, it is estimated that it will generate 249 direct jobs, 110 indirect

The port, which would open opportunities to producers and industrialists in the area, would have 500 meters of dock with the possibility of extending it up to 850 meters.


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why come to Panama for eco tourism when Costa Rica is right there with the real thing? Why is Panama always 20 years late to the game?

1 month ago

Fertilizers? Agro-industrial products? Both are ways to say more chemicals to pour on foods. This is obviously a plan of reimagining western Panama as a bunch of sick and/or dead people, altho there'll be large profits in wringing every last cent out of us first! If anyone wanted to actually do something that would benefit the people, classes in composting and regenerative agriculture would be coming thru that port, along with ecotourists. You think tourists want to come here to watch farmers spray glyphosate all over us, them, and the food we'll serve them for lunch? This project is for no other reason than to exploit another resource for the sake of corporate interests, at the expense of the locals.

1 month ago
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