Panama loves its chicken meat

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PANAMANIANS ate   90 lbs per capita, of chicken meat in 2016 up three  pounds per person from the previous year.

The producers' association reports that last year 104 million chickens were slaughtered and total egg production amounted to 654 million.

Figures from the National Poultry Association of Panama (Anavip) indicate an increase not only in poultry production but also in consumption.

According to the National Poultry Activity Performance Index 2016, "... per capita chicken meat consumption stood at 90 lbs (41 kg), increasing by 3 lbs per person between 2015 and last year." reports that "...In the analyzed period, the breeding bird population reached 1,711,151 units, the fattening population 18,928,592 units and the egg layers 3,182,856 units, according to figures from the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA), disseminated by Anavip.

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GI Joe

that's a lotta chicken feet

3 years ago

That number seems high but really it would be low as i dont think it would include any chickens killed that were raised in there yards . And it seem every yard has chickens in any small town you go through

3 years ago
Candid Curmudgeon

3 years ago
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