Metro line 3 bidders visit site

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 COMPANIES  interested in bidding for the $2.6 billion construction project for Metro line 3   visited the site on Tuesday Dec. 6 as part of the pre­qualification process.

The line  is expected to come into service in 2022.

Prior to the tour, Agustin Arias, Metro’s director of Projects and Planning Metro, reiterated the Metro’s  willingness to listen to proposals from the bidders  and "if we think it is convenient for the project, we will welcome them."

Arias said that several additions have been made to the project based on proposals that have already been submitted.

This third line will be 26.75 kilometers long and will go from the passenger terminal of Albrook to La Chorrera.

It is expected to serve about 20,000 people during peak hours.

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Bid low, win the contract, triple the costs, have sufficient construction delays, and travel.

4 years ago
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