Fourth set of locks depends on water supply

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"The construction of the fourth set of locks for the Panama Canal will largely depend on water supply, and if that problem is not solved we can forget about it although the demand is there says Canal Administrator Jorge Luis Quijano.

In   an interview with the EFE News agency he said  the construction of a fourth set of locks by 2025 had been considered  and in September 2016  he had announced the constitution of a team to study the matter, which was  conditioned  by the "demand" of the market, but already  the China Harbor Engineering Company (CHEC) had expressed interest in the work .

The third set of locks "reflects a ship size focused on the container carrier and coincidentally there are those of liquefied natural gas, that is, the ability to adapt to our infrastructure and the business models are those that have given us the ability to move in a business that is very rigid. "

"Our infrastructure is not a thing that is built from one day to the next, it took us 9 years to expand, it's not the same as every three, four months, you make a  new chi. to build a new lock it's going to take another 8 years, "he said

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George Klk

PANAMA | NO NEED FOR WATER THAT IS ALREADY AVAILABLE. Panama Canal Authority Jorge Quijano stated a fourth set of locks would require more water. The third set of locks use water saving basins saving 60% of the water. The Plan: The fourth set of locks new construction can save 80% with water saving basins. The old Panama canal locks should be replaced with new water saving basins. The new Panama canal locks: Third and Fourth set of locks and the replacement of old locks should provide all the requirements of water for the operation of all the new locks. Panama old locks must be replaced for this to work. Panama old locks should have a capacity for at least 9 to 10 thousand containers. Panama old locks is old and not earth quake resistant is a national security risk for the United States. Panama new locks construction provides jobs and new markets for the states welfare.

7 months ago
George Klk

PANAMA | WATER SUPPLY CAN BE DERIVED Fourth set of locks can derive the water supply. A sufficient sizable channel can be excavated to reach supply destination/s. Elevations can be bored through for a sufficient tunnel water way. A dam can be constructed to replenish the Panama lake supply. It is typical, usual construction work and provides jobs and future profits. Elon Musk may have an efficient boring machine for the tunnel work. The work should begin early.

7 months ago
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