Chinas beachhead invasion of Panama

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The Chinese commercial invasion of Panama is already underway according to Critica with  Shacman, the countrys leading maker of trucks and heavy equipment, exhibiting its range of products to the local market at the Machine Expo 2018 at Atlapa.

The fleet includes high resistance vehicles, designed for all types of terrain. Shacman was founded in 1968 and was the first Chinese automotive company authorized to import Western technology. With two Chine companies bidding for the over $1 billion fourth bridge over the canal, and with a high-speed rail system to Chiriqui under review, Panama can expect to see lots of Shacman heavy-duty products, joining the growing number of Chinese made cars on the road.

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Yes china wants to build rail and bridges here we are becoming part of their silk road weather the goverment realizes it or not is a good question .then you can bet they offer to buy every oz of copper when that huge mine is finished . This might not be a bad thing as panama has to look into their future and with the US becoming a dying empire panama best protect itself

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