China and Panama sign 28 cooperation agreements

Presidentt Xi and Varela

Chinese President  Xi Jinping, and the president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, signed 28 agreements on Monday, December 3  with which they seek to face the challenges of protectionism and promote the liberation of trade in Latin America with Panama as a regional commercial hub.

President Varela, during a  public conference, told media that the relations open a future of growth and prosperity, because “both nations believe in free and fair trade that benefits our peoples and is a key engine for economic growth. and for social development. ‘

Among the agreements signed are protocols that will allow Panama producers to export fruits meat and sea products, to China, these instruments will promote the growth of these productive sectors’, in addition to the educational cooperation agreement that ensures scholarships for higher education for  Panamanians in China, and Chinese in Panama.

Varela, in his speech, said he would soon  know the progress in the feasibility study of the construction of a train that will reach Chiriquí “which is being developed with cooperation funds from the Chinese government.”

He rejected interference from third countries in the relationship between China and Panama, “We are a small country, but worthy and sovereign and our relations will continue to be strengthened and well managed with transparency. I am sure that our relations will not only bring benefits to our people but to our region and the world, guaranteeing greater connectivity.

President Xi said that his country is willing to work with Panama to promote cooperation in the areas of trade, tourism, infrastructure, finance, and cultures to bring greater benefits to both peoples.

“We come to reinforce our communication in international affairs and to deepen the coordination of multilateral forums such as the UN, the WTO, etc. to defend the common interests of developing countries,” said Xi

An understanding between the National Bank and the Development Bank of China, laying the basis for cooperation in the granting of financial services to business projects.

Multiple entry visas for ordinary passport holders. They are stamped visas of multiple entries, which will have a duration of stay that does not exceed 90 days, valid for 5 years.

Agreement that seeks to promote cooperation in science, technology, and innovation, establish a strategic framework through the execution of joint projects for the strengthening of systems in these fields.

Cultural cooperation agreement that promotes collaboration between both countries in art, industries, and cultural heritage, through assistance and collaboration between their artistic groups, museums, libraries.

In environmental matters, with which they will implement projects, research for the prevention and management of air pollution, water, waste and the development of policies and environmental management, education, awareness, mitigation in the face of climate change.