$100 million banana deal creating 15,000 jobs

1,083Views 1Comments Posted 09/04/2017

PANAMA’S COMPTROLLER  General has endorsed  a contract   in which  Del Monte will  invest $100 million over seven years,  creating over 3,000 direct and 12,000 indirect jobs.

It projects an average production  of 2,725 fruit boxes per hectare per year.

A statement issued by the Comptroller, Federico Humbert, said the agreement  between the State and Banapiña de Panamá, S.A. aims to develop a project designed to reactivate banana activities, creating new jobs and economic investments with direct and indirect impact on the social and economic aspects of the Barú-Alanje and Chiriquí Grande-Bocas del Toro areas.

“It is estimated that the project will be developed in a period of no more than seven years with a minimum investment on the part of the company of $100 million  generating approximate 3,100 direct jobs and the consequent generation of 12 thousand indirect jobs in trade and services.

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