National curfew extended  5 pm-5 am

Over 1000 people disobeyed the original decree and were arrested

1,984Views 2Comments Posted 23/03/2020

The countrywide  9 pm to 5 am curfew in Panama has  been  extended  and will  operate  5:00 pm to 5:00 am from Tuesday, March 24

Ministry of Health and Social Security Fund administrative personnel. the Panama Fire Department, hospitals, healthcare facilities, medical and veterinary laboratories  as well as pharmaceutical industries, drugstore pharmacies and companies dedicated to the production of disinfectants and hygiene products, are excepted

 Likewise, the curfew does not apply to personnel of gas stations, cargo industry (air, sea, and land) public transport, supermarkets, self-service restaurants, security companies, banks, the food, and agriculture industry, telecommunications, and the media.

The rest of the population will face sanctions, for failing to comply with the decree.

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It's trying to test out how far a Government can go.

Last year
Oh ya

Yup gas stations and supermarkets are going to do a booming business with everyone at home .roll eyes now

Last year
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