Multi-million dollar intimidation of journalists condemned

Former president Ricardo Martinelli has been using the buckshot approach with multi-million dollar law suits

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The proliferation of multi-million dollar claims for millionaire amounts against journalists, the media and even opinion writers, which are related to the so-called "crimes against honor", may end up becoming ways of intimidating journalists or indirect routes to cause the closure of sections of the media.

"These new forms of intimidation require judges who know how to put the public interest before to protect Freedom of Expression, in an expedited way to avoid anxiety in the exercise of journalism and the numerous legal expenses," says a report by Forum of Journalists for Freedom of Expression.

The report also warns that in an "increasingly recurring" way, public servants and lawmakers have "voiced insults and expletives" against journalists and social media.

 "Public servants and, especially, those elected by the popular will are subject to public scrutiny and, in the exercise of their functions, are under the permanent magnifying glass of journalism, whose job is to expose the results of their investigations to public opinion and to publish  opinions on their performance The democratic system demands from its officials tolerance for criticism and unrestricted respect for freedom of expression and information enshrined in the Constitution and in international pacts, "says the Forum that does not disclose names

The leaks of alleged communications by former President Juan Carlos Varela (2014-2019) that were released since November 5 on the website also occupy a space in the Journalist Forum document.

It warns that in these leaks the relationship, sometimes tense, between the political power and the media is exposed, demonstrating the fundamental role of the free press in a democratic system. "Facts perfectly confrontable with the interactions given light with the leaks, demonstrate how political power was used to intimidate, manipulate or intimidate those who exercise journalism or simply their right to give their opinion.



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Big C

There goes more of our tax money wasted on incompetence, lack of knowledge and greed. We have a large population that could use the money to eat, have electricity, plumbing and proper housing but instead we spend it on B.S. of the wealthy that don't care about anyone but themselves. Do you think that it is time for a revolution????? Or are you going to keep sitting back and accepting it and continue to be walked over? THINK, THINK, THINK.

7 months ago
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