Mulino: Poor Electrical Service in Panama Will End

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Mulino stated that the poor electricity service in Panama will have consequences when he takes over power of the country July 1st.  The president-elect, José Raúl Mulino, experienced the constant blackouts firsthand last Wednesday night and promised that there will be consequences when he assumes the position of president of the Republic. José Raúl Mulino, president-elect, spoke to the media about the reality that Panamanians suffer due to constant blackouts, and the reforms to the Social Security Fund.  The president-elect is also a victim of the constant blackouts that occur in different sectors of the country, and he promised that measures will be taken. He said that order will be brought to the electrical companies.  Mulino expressed in his X account his annoyance because these blackouts have worsened in the sector where he lives. 'I have lived in Altos del Golf for 24 years. There were never blackouts. Yes on the beach and on the farm constantly. Now there are blackouts here weekly. Many hours.  Thus, Mulino warned the electricity distribution companies that as of July 1, when he takes office as president of the Republic of Panama, the person who will be in front of the Public Services Authority (Asep) will put order.  'That's good, yesterday I spoke with the person who is going to be in charge of Asep, and one of the first actions is to put order in all these companies that provide a public service so that they remember that they are concessionaires of the State, and the Panamanians are the State... let us be clear about that reality,” said the president-elect.  Mulino maintained that the entire country is plagued by blackouts. He mentioned that he has been reporting for years every time the power goes out on his property and at the beach house 'every weekend, as well as outside of weekdays when it goes out for hours, up to 27 hours without power... Do you know what time the power came on yesterday in Altos del Golf? Around 9:00 at night,' Mulino reported.