More News on the Train from Panama City to David

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A feasibility study on the potential for building a train route from Panama City to David was already completed years ago and was presented to former President Juan Carlos Varela.  You may remember that in his previous administration 2009-2014, Varela was the vice president of Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Berrocal when this idea was first released to the public.  The study, which was prepared by engineers, was the first step in making the railway a reality.  The proposal was to build a passenger rail line for eight cars with a capacity of 750 passengers, with 21 stops in a stretch of 391.3 kilometers, connecting the provinces of Panama, Coclé, Herrera, Veraguas and Chiriqui. Cargo would be emphasized.  The rail line would be a major project for Panama, in many ways.  For one, it would connect Panama City to the west, giving Panama the type of transportation infrastructure found only in developed countries.  It would also represent another massive project for Panama, infusing jobs and capital into the country.  The train would reach 160 kilometers per hour resulting in an estimated travel time between Panama and the city of David of 2.5 hours express without stops.


The report consisted of three phases.  The construction was expected to take six years and generate 6,000 direct and indirect jobs to mostly Panamanians, during its execution, as well as 2,900 jobs for operation and maintenance, again, mostly jobs to be filled by Panamanians.  The preliminary guidelines for the study included linking urban areas, developing strategic points of cargo management, minimizing the ecological impact and enhancing the logistics activity.  The proposed train route would include 22 stations starting in Panama Pacifico and including stops in Panama West (La Chorrera, Capira, Chame, San Carlos), the provinces of Coclé and Veraguas (Santiago, Soná, Puerto Vidal cargo only) and later Tolé, Cerrillos, and San Lorenzo before arriving at the city of David. The trip from Panama City to David could take up to 3.5 hours, depending on the number of stops.  The system would provide a much more efficient passenger mobility system and unprecedented integration in the country and would enhance the country’s logistics platform by strengthening our logistical, air, maritime and financial connectivity with the region.  The study contemplated a possible expansion to Costa Rica in the future, which would complement the Central American economies and facilitate the commercialization of products among our countries, which have great logistical challenges.