Minimum wage up 1 to 8%

Doris Zapata

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A minimum wage increase ranging between one  and eight percent   depending  on the economic activity was  announced on Tuesday, December 31 by the Minister of Labor t, Doris Zapata

In the case of education, free zones, hotels, agriculture, and water supply the increase will be 1%, while in the area of ​​Bocas del Toro where banana companies operate the adjustment will be 8%.

On Monday, December 30, after an 8-hour meeting of the Cabinet  Council  Zapata said the business sector and labor unions failed to reach an agreement at the negotiating table.

So the Government conducted a study of each economic activity and determined the increase would be according to the growth registered by that each of the activities during the year, said the Minister.

The adjustment for the majority of workers who are in the minimum salary range would be 3.3%, but did not give details of how much this increase represents in money, claiming that everything will depend on the classification of economic activity.

Workers with companies in the agribusiness sector, they will receive an adjustment of 5 cents an hour to  $1.58, while those in wholesale trade will receive an adjustment of 9 cents.

The decree, which will take effect from January 15, and must be published in the Official Gazette along with economic activities that increased from 34 to 37 with a reclassification of some sectors such as casinos, radio stations and supermarkets.

In the case of the stations, the said that in the case of radio it is not the same for a station with national coverage, as for  those that only operate in some provinces of the country.

 Likewise, a classification by supermarkets with more than 5 branches was carried out.

The business sector had indicated that the economic conditions of the country did not allow any adjustment to the minimum wage that is reviewed every two years and which impacts more than 290,000  workers nationwide.

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