MiBus user app makes  Latin America top 10

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Panama’s MiBus public transport user app has been ranked among the 10 best mobility projects in Latin America.

The qualification was made by the  International Union of Public Transport (UITP)  after the company presented the MiBus Maps Panama program which seeks to share and improve communication with the users of the service.

"For MiBus, it is a pride to receive the distinction of being among the top 10 in Latin America, as it reaffirms the company's commitment to the Panamanian society to advance and improve public transport service, not only through the mobilization of passengers, but also through reliable information, which began with the introduction of the new route codes," the company said in a statement.

MiBus said recalled that the application was implemented last October and so far has 140,000   downloads.

In addition, the digital tool has among its main objectives to give the user the option to plan and know in real time when the bus can approach a certain route.

Being among the 10 best mobility projects for users means the company is selected to advance to the final in Stockholm, Sweden, in June.

Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Chile will also participate.




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