Metro airport link  68% complete

714Views 0Comments Posted 04/04/2021

The construction of the 2 km connection between line 2 of the Panama Metro and Tocumen International Airport is 68% complete.

The contractor recently completed the installation of all the beams, including the one that crosses the southern corridor, one of the most critical points in the project.

The extension will have a station at the Higher Specialized Technical Institute of Panama (ITSE) and will end at the new Tocumen passenger terminal.

Before the coronavirus stoppage, it was projected that construction would finish in June 2022, but now the most realistic date would be in December 2022.

The work is carried out by the Línea 2 Ramal consortium, 60% controlled by the Brazilian company Odebrecht, while the remaining 40% belongs to the Spanish company FCC.

The design and execution of the project cost $88 million, while the financing will be  $14.8 million. To this figure must be added $42.7 million for the railway system giving a total of $145.5 million.

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