Training Citizens in Economics and Finance

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Accepting personal responsibility for your own and your family's progress is a direct result of the knowledge of the fundamentals of economics and finance. In order to manage the personal wealth in an adequate way and to properly assess the economic policies governments apply, it is essential to have an economic and financial education since primary school. says  Central AmericaData

In a recent editorial  the on line publication opined::

When analyzing the continued success of Chile's economy, and looking for the differentiating factors that explain this success relative to other Latin American economies, one remarkable fact to be found is the inclusion of micro and macroeconomics courses in education programs for Chileans since the seventies of the last century.
Unlike other nations in Latin America, the Chilean population - voters - have accepted the permanence of liberal economic policies beyond the changing governments calling themselves left, right, or center. This has enabled the steady growth of the Chilean economy and its structural transformation towards a human resource and material resources management model similar to that of industrialized economies.
Now Uruguay has announced "Economics and Finance Guide for professors and teachers". That's a start.




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