José Raúl Mulino of Chiriqui To Choose Minister of Tourism

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Jorge Tovar, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (Cciap) of Chiriquí, stated that it is essential that the elected president of the Republic, José Raúl Mulino, choose a good profile for the new Minister of Tourism, who must know the sector, its needs and contributions.  Therefore, he said that Chirican businessmen hope that positive appointments will be made for the tourism sector that will benefit the province.  “It is something of high priority for a province that has two priority destinations within the national tourism development plan,” he said.  Tovar stated that the timely appointment of the head of Tourism is essential; to be able to be in contact and see what programs and projects he has to boost this industry in the western part of the country.  Tovar assured that the provinces of Chiriquí and Bocas del Toro maintain two quite strong thematic axes in terms of tourism, such as the beaches, the mountains, the service sector and the hotel industry, which need to be energized.


Chiriquí Chamber of Commerce gives vote of confidence to Mulino's cabinet.  Members of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (Cciap) of Chiriquí gave their reactions in reference to the cabinet of the elected President of the Republic, José Raúl Mulino and described these first appointments as positive.  Although the directors of the Cciap in Chiriquí have given a vote of confidence to the new ministers, they warned that they will remain alert regarding the management they give to each of their portfolios.  Iván Mastino from the Cciap in Chiriquí highlighted the fact that Mulino's appointments correspond to professionals from different political parties, which sends a message of trust to the entire community in general.  For Chirican businessmen, they must ensure that this economic reactivation is achieved through concrete plans that allow the promotion of free enterprise, but with the guarantees that they can be developed appropriately.  They claim to welcome the appointment of these future ministers, who they hope will work for the good of society and direct the country's development along the best paths.