Job recovery must be common obsession - business chamber

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The recovery of jobs in Panama must be a common obsession says  the president of  Panama’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture Jose Ramón Icza  in the Chamber’s weekly bulletin.

Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs need to be able to start their operations after 18 months of mobility restrictions and activities closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. "You have to act as soon as possible," he said.

He recalled that the restrictions have finally been almost completely eliminated, "which will allow the reconstruction of the business fabric and the reactivation of its main asset: human resources.".

However, this process will be accelerated "as long as" access to the necessary supports is available. "Hence, the Chamber of firmly supports the immediate implementation of the multi-sector guarantee program agreed upon at the work table between the business sector and the Government."

The union requested the immediate implementation of the joint venture program approved in May by the Executive Branch for the Panamanian tourism sector.

He recalled that at the beginning of the pandemic when the restriction measures were implemented, the Government of President Laurentino Cortizo made available to the business sector, especially small and medium-sized companies, funds provided by different multilaterals.

"However, in all this time their use has been limited, given that the conditions established to access them do not take into account the financial situation of the companies in an environment of prolonged closure," emphasized Icaza.

In a tour that the Chamber has made throughout the country, it has met with entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized companies, who have confirmed the difficulties they have in accessing these credits, revealed Icaza.

He added that everyone agrees that the demands to obtain these loans obviate the current reality caused by the pandemic.

"Given this situation, it is necessary to create a sense of urgency, these credits must be implemented immediately, taking into account the reality described above," he said.


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George Klk

Panama: Government - State Family Business Enterprise. Panama Government - State F.B. Enterprise does lead to an authoritarian ruler. This happened in Russia when president Putin decided to take the over the Oligarchy businesses. In this case there was tons of oil! Billionaire Oligarchies refused to hand over their oil business but, Putin soon changed their minds. Imprisonment and the unknowns of torture was an event they could not play around with. Russia's Putin took the oil businesses with ease and total control and wealth. Panama's National Assembly unconstitutional businesses would be perfect for a dictator's control of Panama's entire economy and finances. P.N.A. do not read their history and think they will forever have security, in the end they hurt themselves and create the wealth for a one-man dictator Martinelli! Most dictators will... kill... for that kind of control especially with a Mafia backing! Dictators need this kind of complete control to sustain all powers controlling everyones wealth! This is basic... "Dictatorship 101" ... and China and Russia are specifically plotting this with the aid of Cuba Spanish speaking political enablers! Panama president Cortizo, you are doing yourself and the Country you serve an ignorant favor! Someone in the future with the dictator's power will only offer you a retirement fund, that's it. President Cortizo, you... WILL NOT KEEP YOUR WEALTH NOR YOUR COMRADES! STUDY RUSSIA'S PRESIDENT PUTIN AND HE IS NEXT DOOR WITH HIS POLITICAL INFLUENCE IN CUBA WITH STRONG STRATEGIC POLITICAL CONNECTIONS! China will... INFLUENCE THE NEXT DICATOR WITH $BILLIONS LIKE THEY DID WITH... VENEZUELA DICATOR MADURO! OVER $50 -60 BILLION! President Cortizo do you think the next dictator will give you special privilege for your wealth! No!

1 month ago
George Klk

Panama: Business Support with Equitable Distribution a Priority. Business support for not just large corporations which can gobble up resources. Numbers with employment factors from the jobs should be equitable. Panama National Assembly and Executive Branch must have an assured policy with reserved resources specifically in place and not just government officials tapping for their own work force agendas with Dubble Dipping process as employers. 71 deputies of the P.N.A. may consider taking the job aid resources for their own business startups or support of their present businesses operations with underground hidden books using an assigned non-Transparent Comptroller General is unfair to the economic industry of Panama as a whole! This is most likely to happen in anticipation of the government's negligence and occupation for their own concerns. This is a critical time for recovery and the Pandora Papers are keeping tab of these financial operations of key people in the government including three previous presidents.

1 month ago
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