Health Ministry extends construction shutdown

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Panama’s construction industry will remain shut down until Monday, August 10, according to an Executive Decree published Friday, July 31.

The decision to extend the suspension of activities was made by the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

The institution will have the power to order the reactivation of, activity and mobility of companies that develop projects and provide services to any public institution.

The Ministry will also be able to order the reactivation of companies that execute private projects but are under suspension due to the National Emergency.


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Insane, but what can you expect from a Gov’t incapable of governing.

1 month ago

I am a resident of Panama and Colorado. I feel it is wrong to shut down construction in Panama. This really hurts the economy and workers. They have not shut down construction in Colorado and because most people are being careful about physical distancing, wearing a facial mask and not gathering in groups and the positive tests for Covid-19 is at 3.5%. Reconsider opening up construction projects ASAP.

1 month ago
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