Health Minister condemns lawmakers who flouted quarantine rules

Rosario Turner

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Health Minister Rosario Turne has condemned' several legislators deputies who have recently traveled to destinations like  Spain, China, and South Korea and did not comply with the quarantine regulations.

She made the complaint during a meeting at the National Assembly but did not reveal the names of the offenders.

Turner stressed that “It is is not responsible. It is not responsible, because the next-door neighbor may be 65 years old, may be diabetic, may be hypertensive and may be pushed into a  coronavirus complication.

“ Each of us must be responsible for our individual health, but also for our neighbors. You know yourself and if someone did not comply then we  could have several thousand cases are circulating (…) Because anyone here can be asymptomatic, it is not necessary to have a cough or fever and it is not because the Ministry did not close the airport and the Panama Canal, that we are going to have thousands of cases ” said the Minister.

She was accompanied by a group of health experts, to explain to deputies the history of the arrival of the virus in the country and how the state of emergency is being treated, in order to guarantee the health of the majority of citizens.

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George Klk

Panama | Deputies Travel To Infected Areas Know the Risk! Deputy plot to create...chaos! Purpose: Cause confusion and a dictatorship takeover with mix crimes. Crimes to encourage theft and murder for citizens to join the underground for desperate cash and influence. Panama underground operation works well in a chaos environment. The underground operation employs tactics to enhance a greater network. Panama must learn the underground psychology that uses this leverage! Evidence: Former president Ricardo Martinelli... Pardoned and released [HUNDREDS] of prisoners to stay connected with his... Israeli Pegasus spy network and the ... Guatemala/Mexico Parlacen! Panama justice system will be overwhelmed and forced to release more prisoners to avoid further spread of the... Coronavirus. The underground / Martinelli knows this...the Parlacen! Evidence: Iran has temporarily released thousands of prisoners temporarily because of the Coronavirus? Facts by themselves do not tell the whole story. Facts and the leadership patterns indicated a full blown... underground operation at any given opportunity!

4 months ago

HAPPY to get

4 months ago
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