Goodtimes challenges for Panama Canal

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LEVELS  of traffic in the Panama Canal have already reached the figures expected to be reached in 2020. If the rate of growth continues, the third set of locks will be close to reaching its maximum capacity in 2026.

But before thinking about a new expansion, authorities are warning that increased water availability must be ensured.

Jorge Luis Quijano, head of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), told La Prensa. " that they are not promoting any type of expansion, but points out that projections indicate that by 2030 capacity of the waterway will need to be increased.

Another issue that is a priority is that of the port in Corozal, which consists of the development of a 1,200 hectare logistics area near the International Terminal of PSA Panama,  the former port of Rodman.

The purpose of the terminal, which will specialize in rolling cargo, is to convert the area where it will be built into a center for redistributing vehicles, machinery and heavy equipment to serve the local market and other countries in Latin America.

Quijano said "We need to give value to the cargo we handle. Because we are not producers, we must look for mechanisms to generate new revenues , what will be diversification of business in the Canal."



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Awesome work Panama. You have the right man in Mr. Quijano leading the way.

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